PREORDER 1-18 Classic Carlectables Tastes of Australia Series Model #6 EH Holden Panel Van "Streets"


Part of the Tastes of Australia Collection, No. 06 "Streets"


Highly detailed model with opening parts. ***Not yet in store available for preorder only****

Released in 1963, the EH has was one of Australia’s most popular selling cars. With a new engine, clever styling changes, and competitively priced, the EH was the fastest selling car in Australia. Catering to a wide audience, the EH was available in nine different models. Two of those models were commercial vehicles, the Utility and Panel van, both sharing the rear styling from the previous EJ model.

The new powerplant, dubbed the ’Red’ engine was more powerful and economical than the previous ‘Grey’ engine, it also required less maintenance. The 149cui delivering 100hp (up 33% on the previous ‘Grey’ engine), while the 179cui delivered 115hp (up 50%). Although both of these engines, as well as the Hydramatic transmission were available on the Utility and Panel van. Almost all of the models sold were 149cui with the manual transmission. But they were designed to be sent to work, with durable laminated hardwood trays and rated to half a ton carrying capacity. The cars even featured the removal of the drivers side door lock as a safety feature when driver was making deliveries.

This is the first model of the Classic Carlectables Tastes of Australia Collection. The Tastes of Australia Collection will be releasing other Classic Carlectables models in their traditional branding colours.




  • The interior was built for business, with 79 cu. ft. of cargo space, and featured a durable laminated hardwood floor.
  • Opening the rear of the car displays the metal telescopic arms of the upper tailgate, and retaining cables of the lower tailgate, just like the real car.
  • Although missing some of the chrome trim from the ‘Special’ the ‘Standard’ interior features the highly detailed steering wheel and instrument cluster.
  • The soft touch bench seats feature the ‘Standard’ interior engraving, the ‘Standard’ engraving also present on the door liner.
  • Colour coded pressed steel wheel rims with chrome monogramed hub caps fitted on soft rubber tyres.
  • Detailed 149cui engine and surrounding bay looks authentic. The smooth opening of the bonnet is aided by the metal hinges.
  • The front chassis shows the engine sump, exhaust system and working suspension. The front wheels are even linked to the steering wheel.
  • Underside detail, like fuel tank and drivetrain are a distinguishing feature of Classic Carlectables models.
  • Item includes certificate and production number plate, mounted to the chassis.
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Classification Diecast
Manufacture Classic Carlectables
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